Joosh Crochet Pendant Lamp – Medium

A beautifully handcrafted pendant lamp perfect for bedrooms, social spaces or suspended a little low over a dining table.  Works well as a single feature lamp or in a pair or group cluster of like or differently sized Hamimi crochet lamps.

Each pendant is handmade to order by women artisans in a small village on the outskirts of Marrakech.  By partnering with these women we aim to help keep their traditional skills alive and create a brighter future for them and their families.

To reflect their origin, the sculptural shapes of the Malika collection are inspired by objects used in daily Moroccan life, like tagines, baskets and pots.


לקוח יקר,
שימת ליבך כי מוצר זה מיוצר עבורך באופן אישי, והוא בחזקת טובין שיוצר
במיוחד עבורך כצרכן, בהזמנה יעודית.
לכן, לפי חוק הגנת הצרכן, התשמ"א- 1981 (להלן: "החוק"), אינך זכאי לביטול
העסקה או להחזר כספי בגינה, מטעם חוק זה.
תנאי ביטול וכדומה עבור המוצר הנ"ל יהו, כפי המצוין בתקנון האתר,
עפ"י כל דין אחר המתייחס לכך, בנסיבות המיוחדות דענייננו.



Size: 50cm High x 42cm Diameter (20" x 17") approx .

Please note that the actual height may vary slightly as each pendant is individually handmade.

Colours:  With 16 standard colours from which to choose, there is a colour or combination of colours, to suit almost any interior setting or style.

Each model is available in either 'One Colour' or 'Two Colour' formats. With the Two Colour format, the second colour is in the bottom section starting just below the lowest ring.  When ordering select your desired top colour and bottom colour from the drop-down lists. If you desire just one solid colour simply select the same top and bottom colours. A colour sample kit can be ordered here.

Materials:  Handmade using viscose 'kitan' thread, a textile traditionally used to embellish Moroccan Kaftans, on handmade brass rings.

Lead times: Each pendant is handmade to order. Please allow 1-4 weeks plus delivery time. Please let us know if your order is urgent and we will do our best to accommodate your timing requirements.

Electrical Light Fittings: Our crochet lamps are supplied as lampshades only. The electrical light fittings will need to be sourced separately.

We recommend the single pendant sets from Creative Cables have dedicated online stores in many international locations and they supply attractive certified fittings in a wide range of colours.

Depending on your location, find suitable pendant light sets via the following links:

The United States >

Europe >

Australia & NZ >

The United Kingdom >

Rest of World >

Please email [email protected] if you require any guidance or assistance with this.

Light Bulb:  Light bulbs are not included. We recommend a Max 15W Warm White LED Bulbs.  You may wish to experiment with the strength of the bulb to achieve the desired brightness and ambience in your space.

Installation: To be installed by a qualified electrician.  Simple installation instructions are included and can be downloaded here.

Packaging: Each pendant is flat-packed for safe and economical shipping.

Cleaning & Care: Clean regularly with a feather duster, lint roller and/or vacuum with a furniture nozzle attachment. Can be wiped clean with a lightly dampened cloth.

מוצרים נוספים